Global Semiconductor Industry to see boosted growth from Automobile and Consumer Electronics Industry

The automobile and consumer electronics industry is witnessing a revolution in Technological Advances. Automobiles and Consumer Electronic Devices are getting smarter, intelligent and safer. What is driving this transformation at the heart !!!! Its VLSI.

Different types of semiconductor ICs are being used in a number of automotive products like navigation control, infotainment systems and collision detection systems. The growing demand for hybrid and electric vehicles (HEVs) due to increased environmental awareness and emissions legislations requires sophisticated processing and control units. The demand for driverless and smart cars will generate demand for advanced sensors over the next four years. This electrification and automation of automobiles have led to the increasing need for semiconductor wafers.

The demand for semiconductor ICs will further increase during the forecast period with advances like the emergence of 3D and ultra-high definition (UHD) TVs and hybrid laptops in the consumer electronics sector. This rise in demand for semiconductor ICs will, in turn, generate demand for semiconductor devices.

The semiconductor to grow at a CAGR of 6.42% until 2020. The increase in sales of microelectronics and consumer electronic devices is anticipated to support the growth of the semiconductor market.

(Courtesy. Technovia)