• Advanced Diploma in Embedded Systems Software (ADEMS)

Course Description

ADEMS is a 16 weeks full time program designed to meet the requirements of the current job market. The program comprises of two phases. Phase one covers the fundamental and domain specific concepts in Embedded Systems design. Phase two is the project phase where you get an opportunity to apply design concepts learnt in phase one by working on real life projects under the supervision of industry experts. The contents of the course is designed to make you eligible to apply for hardware designer, software developer, firmware developer and network stack developers job openings. A key differentiator of our program is the use of advanced microcontrollers, microprocessors and use of multiple hardware boards in the course.

Module 1 - Foundation module: Duration: 6 Weeks | 30 Days | No. of hours: 240, Concept hours: 90 | LAB hours: 150


A very strong foundation of C, C++ and Data Structures is a must for any further advanced topics such asBSP Development, Porting and Device Driver Development. Technical round of interview in the industryprescribe a sound knowledge of C, C++ and Data Structures. With C++ becoming the new standard andpopular programming platform, students are required to showcase expertise in the same. This also enables candidates to work on Embedded System Design and Development Projects..


  • Advanced C and Coding Standards
  • C++ and Data Structures
  • Operating System Essentials (Linux)
  • Computer Architecture and System Design using Micro-controller and SoC

Module 2 - BSP and OS Porting: Duration: 3 Weeks | 15 Days | No. of hours: 120, Concept hours: 45 | LAB hours: 75


This module enables candidates to understand in detail the Linux Internals, Linux OS Structure and Architecture. This is a platform to develop System Programming Skills. A sound understanding of Processes, Kernel Programming and IPC is a requisite for efficient embedded system Design and Development. As BSP Development for custom boards is a major industry requirement, candidates learn from basics of boot loader, ELDK, Development of Kernel for specific Processor and Peripherals. This shall give candidates the required skills to work on core Embedded System Design with the Linux Platform and eventually the RTOS platform.


  • Linux Internals and Systems Programming
  • Board Support Package (BSP) Development and OS Porting

Module 3 - Devices Drivers Duration: 2 Weeks | 10 Days | No. of hours: 80, Concept hours: 30 | LAB hours: 50


This module shall enable students to know in detail about Linux System Programming, Device Driver Development, Building Kernel, Handling File Systems, Process/Priority Scheduling. This will enhance their knowledge in designing efficient Embedded Systems and is a skill desired by the industry. With all the programming skills acquired in the earlier modules, industry expects candidates to also know System Design/Development, Integration, Testing and Debugging. This module provides the exposure to meet industry requirements.


  • Kernel Programming and Device Drivers
  • Hardware Integration and Application Development

Module 4 - Software Engineering Duration: 1 Week | 5 Days | No. of hours: 40, Compliance training hours: 40


With all the Technical, Programming, System Design Skills, probable candidates have to be knowledgeable in the complete life cycle of the System/Software. This shall help them to be good Team Members/Team Leaders/Project Managers. This plays a major role in Project Management.As documentation has become a requirement for all industries, this module enables candidates to gain knowledge in various industry standards. With Organizational Hierarchy Module, candidates shall be aware of their position, roles and responsibilities as a professional engineer


  • Product Development Life Cycle
  • Documentation Standards
  • Organizational Hierarchy

Project: Real Time Project: Duration: 4 weeks full-time program

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